Air Conditioning at Pentraeth Group

With almost 70% of modern vehicles being fitted with Air Conditioning or Climate Control, and most drivers regularly using the system in both hot and cold weather, it’s important that the air conditioning components are maintained too.

It’s estimated that 10% of the air conditioning gas permeates from the system every year which means you should re-charge with both gas and lubricant every 2 years.

You’ll be amazed by the difference in operation before and after the service, cooling the air in summer while creating anti-misting dry, warm air in the winter. Plus a fully operating system puts less load on the car engine helping to reduce fuel consumption.

We offer a complete air conditioning recharge service using both the current, more common R134a gas, and we’re among the first to offer the very latest environmentally friendly R1234yf gas.

The procedure typically takes around an hour so we can offer a while-you-wait service, or add the procedure to your scheduled or fixed price service.

To arrange your air conditioning service, call 01248 718 243 or use the Make an Enquiry button above.